What are the most common attacks against small business?
The most prevalent attacks are phishing/social engineering and web-based. Innocent users may take an action that can lead to compromise like downloading a ransomware that can encrypt your data, or lock down your system until you pay the ransom.
What should I do if I’m a victim of a breach or I suspect that I have been breached?
  • Contact your IT team if you have one.
  • Contact your legal team or your attorney.
  • Contact your cyber liability insurance company.
  • Prevent the breach from spreading by taking the affected system off the network, but leave it on to allow for investigation and evidence collection.
  • Document your steps so the authorities can get the details.
  • Communicate with the affected groups so they can be aware of the issue or any remediation steps being taken.
What do I need a risk assessments for my business?
A cyber security risk assessment will help you know your risk exposure and provide you with guidance to either minimize that risk, or prevent it. Therefore a risk assessment is a needed step to protect your business against a hacker. If you are a healthcare provider, servicing medicare and Medicaid clients, it is required by the government.
Do I really need cybersecurity service if “I don’t have anything worth stealing”?
If you answer "yes" to one or more of these instances you are at risk of cyber criminals:
  • If you store email addresses or phone numbers of your customers.
  • If you handle or store customer billing information.
  • If you need a computer with internet access to conduct your business.
  • If you have a website.
A cyber criminal can even use an UN-protected website to attack other people.
What is the process when a customer contact us?
We will schedule a discovery meeting to know more about your unique situation. After that, we will do a risk analysis, provide a remediation plan, and assist with any remediation efforts.
Do I need to hire you for a long period of time?
The answer will depend on your unique situation and your budget. We believe security should be affordable to everyone, so that is why we work within your budget.

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